Private Sessions

A private one-on-one consultation with Abram is a wonderful way to get at the heart of any possible issue that may be holding you back from creating your ideal lifestyle. As Tom and Abram have done thousands of private consultations for people in the U.S.A. and various countries, people have come to Abram to discuss literally everything from careers, finances, relationships, health issues, spiritual development, to UFO’s.

Private consultations are held over the phone. They are ½ hour in length. The fee is $100.00, prepaid one week in advance. If payment is not in our office one week in advance, your session will be rescheduled. We will record your session and a free MP3 file will be sent to you. You may also record your session. It is important to be on time for your session. When your scheduled time arrives, Tom will wait for ten minutes for your call. If you call later than ten minutes, your time will be rescheduled. Your time with Abram is your time. We ask that you please do not include anyone in your private session or ask questions for anyone else.


Whether you record your private session, or we send you an MP3 file of it, it is for your own personal use. You may share it with your friends and family if you choose to do so. You may NOT copyright the material or trademark any part of it for any reason in perpetuity. We will also keep a copy in our archives. Your privacy is always respected. We will not share your session with anyone, nor will it be listened to by anyone.

By scheduling a private session with Abram, you are agreeing to our policy.

Private Phone Session With FREE MP3 File