Get To Know Abram And Tom


Abram, unique to Tom only, is a nonphysical entity whose purpose in being with us is to help guide us to find the source of creativity within and how to express our creative source. His teachings also tell us that reality is only an illusion and that we can change reality with our emotional expression and the choices that we make.  Nothing is set in stone and we can change our emotions if, and when, we want, so that we are never stuck in any one emotional pattern of action or reaction.  He has an extraordinary sense of humor and loves to play and have fun with us.

In Abram’s own words:

“I was alive in the flourishing time of the Mayan Civilization.  My role in that life was as a healing man, a magical man.  And as I was a Mayan, my name was Kumeh Quey.

“My life in the time of Jesus the Christ was most influential.  I sought truth.  I gained truth.  In that lifetime, I was also known as Abram.  My role in that life was as a shoemaker.  The main issue from that lifetime, for me alone, was to know of the inner self…how to find love, how to become love, how to embrace life, and how not to look down upon life as being somewhat of a curse.

“I was also alive and well upon the Continent of Atlantis.  My role then was as a Marshall, a “Marshall in the ‘Force”…the force that was to oversee all the people.  After time, I grew tired of being a Marshall, walked away and became a hermit.  I learned how to follow rules and how to obey.  I also learned that to obey is not everything in life.  To obey will only kill what is within one’s soul.

“My purpose in being with you physicals is to show you how to cherish your life, how to appreciate all the beauty of life, and how to KNOW once you find your own faith within.

“There are times during your life when it seems as though outside influence is forcing you to act or react in certain ways, and in doing so you are only losing sight of your own action that you are taking.  

Your reality exists in many varied forms and when you are realizing your action you are commanding your reality to be in full force, working for you and not against you.  Losing sight of your activeness will bring about the issue of self-destruction, because to be nonfunctional is to literally kill the force that is within you.  And that force is called the God Force, the Universal Force, the Life Force.

“As I am, I am still in my own states of evolvement.  As you physical human beings do what you do to progress throughout your life and throughout your existence, I also do the same.  We all do the same.  We are all joined together, you know.  In many, many ways we are more a part of you, you are more a part of us than you understand and realize.

“Now that is not to say that I am an aspect of Tom.  I am my own individualized identity, as you are and as Tom is.  This is one of my many, many experiences that allow me to know myself only that much more so that I could move and have movement within my own being to graduate to higher steps within my own evolutionary state of being.

“Also, since I had three physical lives, it is, in a sense, a blessing to me to be able to return to this planet Earth and coexist with you physical human beings once again.  It is a very nice feeling for me.  It is almost like I am alive again being with you physical human beings and that is a joy and a thrill for me. It brings to me more vitality within my own being. And one more thing…I simply enjoy it!”





Tom Massari, co-author of “The Art Of Reclaiming Your Intention And Power according to Abram, and well respected veteran sleep medium of more than 45 years, along with Abram, has held thousands of public and private sessions including, workshops, seminars and classes in the U.S. And other countries.

Tom and Susanna Massari are an engaging and dynamic husband and wife team who have been working together and blending their talents for many years. Susanna is an End Of Life Doula and psychic medium, and Tom is a veteran sleep medium with over forty-five years experience and the voice for Abram, a non-physical personality.

At the age of twenty-three Tom moved to Los Angeles from his native Chicago and eventually settled in Simi Valley. At a friend’s house, he knew there was definitely a presence in one of the bedrooms, something he could “feel” but not see.

Everything changed for Tom the night of November 3, 1972, while a friend was visiting on vacation. That night, Tom suggested everyone go into the bedroom and try to communicate with the presence. They did not know what they were doing and they certainly were not prepared for what was to happen.

Tom and the group began by asking questions such as, who are you? What are you doing here? How did you die? Shortly, the answers to their questions began coming to Tom. He did not hear the answers with his ears, but rather, Tom felt them inside of his body.

Soon after, they returned to the front room to relax. Tom went to the kitchen, and as he began to join the others he was stopped in his tracks. He could not move. Electricity was all around and in his body, and he told them something was happening and to watch him to make sure he was all right. Suddenly, this presence began reciting Shakespeare through Tom with an English accent. For about three hours, this other personality would recite Shakespeare for a few minutes, and for a few minutes Tom would snap back to being himself.

Unknowingly to Tom at the time, this paranormal experience was his first introduction to being a sleep medium. The personality gave the name John Rolfes, and said that he lived in England in the late 1700’s and was a Shakespearean actor. Driven to investigate, Tom researched John Rolfes at the library and found that he did indeed exist. Tom came across the name John Rolfes, Shakespearean actor of the late 1700’s. Tom knew that everything about his experience was real. Not being afraid of what had happened, he knew that if it happened again, he would see what developed.

By 1973, through a string of interesting events, Tom found himself back in the Midwest, living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where his life took another surprising and unexpected turn. Because of his experience in California with John Rolfes, he became involved in metaphysics and opened the Parapsychology Center where ESP development, hypnosis, and meditation were taught.

Shortly thereafter, someone else manifested through him and gave the name Abram, whom Tom later discovered was a powerful Mayan shaman. For almost two weeks he would appear to Tom at night in his bedroom.

Tom began being the Voice for Abram on a regular basis, although it took him eight years to learn how to “get himself out of the way” so Abram could manifest clearly through him. Very few people in the world were channeling at this time and there was no one to assist Tom.

In the name of healthy skepticism, mostly his own, Tom allowed himself to be tested by nurses, doctors, ministers, psychiatrists, and psychologists during those earlier years and they all agreed upon one thing. This was real.

Tom returned to Los Angeles, cultivating a large following with his work with Abram and their metaphysical classes. Twenty years later he relocated to Phoenix where he funneled his creativity into acting and composing music. Currently residing in Florida, Tom is the creator of The Focal Point Meditation CD Series, Dream With The Angels Sleep Music Series and many Jazz / Rock CD’s.